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Streamwell is a decentralized, self-managed live streaming server that lets you share pro-quality LIVE video to any screen on earth in less than a second.Unlike regular streaming services, there are no subscriptions or 3rd party services required. This means your organization can run live video 24/7 with no usage charges.The interface is simple, easy to use, and can be easily branded with your logo and colors to make viewers, clients and collaborators feel right at home.It's like having your own private TV station on the internet. Learn More

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About streamwell

Streamwell gives you the ultra-high quality of a professional live stream, with the ultra-low latency of an online meeting.

Users can stream pro-quality video through their private Streamwell server running on-premise or in the cloud, to anybody with a web browser. You can use free streaming tools like OBS to share your vision live from any software.You can also use your choice of hardware encoders to take the quality to the next level. Streamwell accepts RTMP, RTMPS, SRT and WHIP inputs at any resolution and bitrate your network can handle. It also supports 10-bit 4:2:2 HDR, so your clients can see the very best you have to show.Our wide compatibility along with our brandable, intuitive user interface make live streaming accessible for everyone. See Use Cases

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Post-production & color

Remember client suites? So do we. Streamwell lets you create a bespoke, branded experience for your clients with high quality live transmission of your work in Adobe Premiere, Avid Media Composer, Final Cut Pro, DaVinci Resolve, Autodesk Flame and more. You can even stream in 10-bit 4:2:2 color!Streamwell gives you more flexibility than a regular screen share and looks way better too. Now, no matter where your meeting takes place (Zoom, Teams, Google Meet, or even a phone call) you can provide a secure, branded, high-quality playback feed to all participants.By working live you will cut down on the number of feedback cycles, increase collaboration and achieve quicker turnaround times. Try Streamwell for your post-production workflow and start saving time and money now.

on-set and live monitoring

Bring a Streamwell server on-set to create an instant video village for any production. Stream your camera feeds and let all of the production's stakeholders watch live. A remote director can easily watch through a web browser, a dedicated hardware player or freely available apps for Apple TV / iPad.And Streamwell is an excellent way to monitor video feeds, or even systems that couldn't otherwise connect to the internet - all through an intuitive, easy to manage web interface.


Streamwell handles tasks that normally require complex video routers and switching hardware, all in software running on-premise. Now your organization can easily provide access to all of your internal live feeds, move them between locations, and control playout to hardware devices all through software that can run 100% internal on your network.Global News, a national broadcaster in Canada, said: "Streamwell lets Global News share our live feeds to anybody in the organization anytime, anywhere. It has allowed us to consolidate our in-house streaming solutions and provides an easy to use interface for both end users and engineers. The ability to run Streamwell fully on-premise has given us excellent security, value, and control compared to other cloud-only options."

vod/ott CHANNELS

The definition of "broadcaster" continues to evolve every day. Now you don't need a million subscribers to launch a live channel - Streamwell lets you be your own CDN at a fixed operational cost. It can send highly compatible live playback streams to apps on iOS, AppleTV, ROKU, Amazon and more.A single Streamwell server can scale up to serve thousands because there's no software limit on the number of live viewers. And there are well-established automation workflows for streaming out assets stored in cloud storage buckets. It's like a TV studio that can run itself!

healthcare / education / government

Streamwell lets you bring the power of live streaming to places it could never go before, because it doesn't require any 3rd-party services or even an internet connection to stream. This means private organizations, schools, hospitals and government offices can now share video within their facilities or on their private network - with 100% confidence that the solution remains fully internal.


(On-Premise or self-hosted)

Starting at


Buy Streamwell once and own it forever. Includes 5 channels, 10 users, and unlimited viewers within the capability of your server and network. Add more channels and users, enterprise SSO, and professional services to help design a fully bespoke streaming platform you can own and operate.All purchases include 1 year of maintenance support and updates. Continued maintenance support is available for 25% of your license cost per year. Prices in USD. Server and other hardware costs, enterprise deployments and other professional services extra.

Starting at

$5000 / year

Try our turnkey ready-to-use Streamwell servers in the cloud. Starting with 5 channels, 10 users, and 250Mbps network connectivity (about 50 live viewers). We can customize your cloud server to handle viewers into the thousands!All yearly subscriptions include server upkeep, maintenance support and flat-rate hosting with no overage charges or egress fees. All you need to do is use it!

how to buy

Streamwell is sold through authorized resellers and system integrators. If you have any sales questions, are interested in a live demo, or would like to make a purchase, please contact us and we will connect you with a reseller of your choosing or the one that best meets your needs.Interested in becoming a Streamwell reseller? Contact us!


To learn more about Streamwell, check out our extensive documentation including guides for some of the most popular streaming workflows.For technical support, e-mail and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We do not use a tiered or robo-support system, so all customer support requests will be responded to with AI - actual intelligence 🤓

partners & integrations

We are proud of our relationships with technology partners, resellers and product integrations. Streamwell acts as the "glue" for many live video workflows and we are always looking to integrate with new products or help add value to your solution. Since Streamwell can be fully white-labeled, it's easy to drop into a workflow as part of a larger solution.Here are some of the technology, sales and integration partners we have worked with. Please contact us if you are interested in becoming a reseller or integration partner.

Content Aware Solutions

Content Aware Solutions is a Toronto-based reseller with deep experience in the media and entertainment industry. They helped us launch our first customer with a fully 4:2:2 10-bit HDR workflow and are a wise choice when it comes to integrating Streamwell into your production facility. They've got the software, the hardware, and the smarts to make it all work together!

North Shore Automation

North Shore Automation is a Los Angeles based development group that helped us build the first automated playout system for Streamwell. Their decades of experience along with their fearless approach to integrating technologies and their own impressive products like Akomi make NSA an key player in the world of M&E. Consider them for your next integration project!


Airensoft is a Seoul, Korea based company developing amazing video products and open-source software since 2011. They created OvenMediaEngine which powers the ultra-low latency streaming in Streamwell, and we have worked closely with them for years to help support their amazing work along with the open-source community. A portion of each Streamwell sale goes to Airensoft along with our gratitude and acknowledgement that no software could exist without open-source components.

Test drive

Got an RTMP or SRT stream? You can try Streamwell right now without installing a thing! For best results, Streamwell takes H264/AAC as input codecs, baseline or main encoding profile, with a 1-2 second keyframe interval and no B-frames. If your software/hardware does not allow for these options, don't worry - it will likely "just work" anyways!


Do you need active server management, workflow consultation or special integrations? Our Professional Services team can help with specialized training, end-to-end workflow design and custom development to make Streamwell a seamless part of your organization.Past projects/integrations include:• Integration with SyncWords, an AI-based transcription service that delivers live subtitles in 50+ languages right to your web browser.• Live Overlays with, a free online service that lets you design live graphics, titles, scoreboards and more right on top of your live streams.• Designing a file-based playback solution for a customer that uses Streamwell to feed automated OTT streaming channels 24/7. It is based on FFPlayout and the source code is available HERE

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