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The Big Guys operate their streaming networks in a way that your content can never be totally private, and your users can never be totally protected against tracking and 3rd party content promotion. Streamwell was built from the ground up to be operated easily by you, the creator. It gives you a high quality, low latency, and truly private experience to share with your viewers.

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Use Cases


Glenn is a creative at a fast-paced marketing firm with offices all over the globe. Before the pandemic, his editing suite was like Grand Central station with various producers, directors and other clients coming by for edit sessions.

Since remote work has come into play, Glenn's workstation has become bogged down with 20 pieces of meeting software, all of which do an equally terrible job of capturing his playout monitor. His Dropbox and Google Drive are stuffed full of revision after revision. Enter Streamwell.

Using an affordable hardware video encoder, when Glenn wants to work with a particular client, he just points the encoder at one of the dedicated channels he set up for them. The clients are thrilled, and Glenn's computer is thanking him for finally uninstalling some of those bloated meeting apps!


Angie is a graphic designer who is constantly being asked for new revisions from her clients. Ever since they got 'Zoom-bombed' that one time, they've gone back to email and telephone which has been dragging out the creative process, and revisions are starting to pile up.

With Streamwell, Angie can fire up a stream the moment the phone rings and send her client a secure link. Instead of going back and forth on a million revisions, the client can see her screen in real-time with just a tap of a link. Now Angie has more time for coffee, and working on her real passion - studying to become an astronaut!