Streamwell in the Cloud (yearly)

Streamwell in the Cloud (yearly)

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Interested in Streamwell but don't have a server to run it on or concerned about your local system security? Consider our 100% organic, ultra-fluffy Streamwell in the Cloud plan!

Under this plan, we will:

  • Provision a virtual private server on the internet just for you, for one year
  • Install and configure Streamwell so it's ready to rock with zero management on your end
  • Provide a secure custom domain name, or connect Streamwell to yours
  • Provide a 1-hour training and Q&A session for your admin and power users
  • Provide direct e-mail support and remote assistance for disaster recovery
  • Monitor the server to ensure your cloud system is running well and that all components / certificates are up to date

Streamwell in the Cloud is priced by the year and is provisioned to serve between 25 to 100 live viewers at once depending on the number of video streams, bitrate and resolution being processed.

Please note that the included support is for assisting with how-to's, bugs in the software and disaster recovery situations. Advanced workflow consultation or other more complex requests outside the scope of regular support will generally constitute chargeable work. We also offer priority support contracts, custom development and other professional services for clients looking to get the most out of Streamwell. Please contact us for a personalized solution!